Russian expressionist artist was born on 22 July 1975. She lives and works in Birobidzhan. She wasn't immediately interested in painting. The desire to express yourself possessed her to wield the paintbrush.

Marina's paintings, in fact, are an attempt to represent actual reality. The source of inspiration is the surrounding reality: people, nature, processes and non-traditional vision which is transmitted through the form of brushstroke, bright accents, contours and mixed techniques.

A tendency to the mystery placed her paintings under the same heading with other expressionist works. In front of the painting lover opens up a positive view of the world, kind of spell for success, luck, health and love. That's the way she is. The highlight of her painting can be considered a subtle combination of colorations. It's impossible to explain, it's a «must-see».

Exhibition «Sublimation». Light life. YouTube channel GuberniaTV

RIA-Birobidzhan. «Paintings, abstractionism, avant-garde: Birobidzhan artist Marina Shvedunova painted oil paintings».'

ARTDOART. Personal page in the online gallery

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